DAINIUSLIGHT is a team of professionals, working in the lighting industry since 1992. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions. Our long-term European experience allows to offer a complete set of services from design to installation.
In 2009 due to the engineering expertise we were the first in Lithuania (EU) to manufacture LED lamps, and this achievement was recognized at the highest level of the state; our product was nominated as product of the year, and awarded with the gold medal. The award was received by Dainius Spucys - the owner of the company, and the leader of DAINIUSLIGHT team.

An important award in the hands of Dainius Spucys. He is handed the award “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2009“ by A. Kubilius, the Prime Minister of Republic of Lithuania, and B. Lubys, the President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (See the picture)

We can professionally choose chadeliers, LED strips, LED Neon lights, LED downlights of needed quality and design. We also can offer you a wide range of lighting control systems, from simple on/off to Dali, Triac, 1-10V, or DMX, as well as  remote control systems for RF or Wi-Fi with remote controller, smartphone, tablet, or even your voice. For lighting control solutions, we collaborate with Ltech company and use their high quality LED drivers, controllers, or a full wired or Wi-Fi/RF wireless control system. For more information on lighting
control devices, click here.

We can also offer you a Wi-Fi-controlled smart home system that we can install at your new home or renovate existing system with the latest technology that doesn't require new wiring. This system is based on smart wi-fi switches that you can control remotely even away from home. You can even turn on your AC before you go home. You can also control your home lighting, curtains, music or TV, surveil your home or office over Wi-Fi cameras.

Recently DAINIUSLIGHT also has opened the LED product line in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah. We can create customized LED lighting solutions for you. Our newest product is the LED bar LATO series, which is designed for stretch ceilings and lighting boxes. This LED Bar can be used as a walwasher or back light, where powerful light is needed. LATO-W series is a white light LED bar with Philips Luxeon LED chips. LATO-RGBW series is all possible light colors LED bars with Taiwan Semiconductor RGBW LED chips. These products are designed and manufactured by DAINIUSLIGHT in the UAE.

DAINIUSLIGHT team will design lighting, select the right model of luminaries and lighting controls, deliver all the materials, and do the installation for you.

DAINIUSLIGHT team - for your brighter and smater home!

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